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Attention L&I Dealers: DIRECTV is proud to announce the commercial launch of our next generation HD headend, the COM2000. Similar to its predecessor, the COM1000, COM2000 is DIRECTV’s commercial-grade solution for the Lodging and Institution space. This product is ideal for properties with high room counts and for installations where the customer does not want or cannot have a receiver at each TV. Key features for the COM2000 include:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • More Channels in Less Space
  • Feature Rich
  • Easy to Install
  • Environmentally Friendly
More great news!
All current COM1000 promotional discount offers and subsidies, including the FLX Card Subsidy, also apply to the COM2000.*

For more information regarding these offers and eligibility, please refer to your Dealer Sales Guide or contact your ASM.

*Current DIRECTV promotional offers and subsidies are valid until February 2015.

Download the COM2000 Product and Business Overview deck
To help you and your team sell the many features and benefits of COM2000, the L&I Sales team has compiled a Product and Business Overview deck that includes:

  • An overview of COM2000
  • Value-add propositions
  • Relevant business processes L&I dealers need to know in order to sell COM2000

This information is also valuable for employees who do not normally sell COM2000 but are required to understand this product at a high level. 

To download the Product and Business Overview, click here.

You can also download the COM2000 Marketing Brochure deck and find more detailed information through Technicolor at

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