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Attention L&I Dealers: Great news! In order to ensure you are paid accurately and to help you better manage your cash flow, L&I Electronic Payment System (EPS) compensation is being automated. We are pleased to announce this new process will launch on July 25th.

Below is an overview of process changes and how they will benefit your business:

  • Payments – will now be automated and processed weekly, not monthly and manual
    • Includes PPC, PPC Chargebacks, Buydown Adjustment, and Hardware Subsidy (COM24 FLEX)
  • Buydown Adjustments – the appropriate amount will be adjusted based on customer agreement
    • No more manual adjustments processed on a monthly basis for the additional $31 for customers without agreement.
  • New Weekly Pending Chargeback Report – allows dealers to take additional steps to avoid a PPC chargeback
    • Save the customer, collect payment, etc.

The first payment report and ACH deposit via the new automated process will be available 8/1 and 8/4 respectively. This first payment will include eligible transactions dating back to 7/1/14. Each payment thereafter will include transactions from the previous week so there will most certainly be a reduction in accounts/amounts from the 1st report to the 2nd.

For a PDF with specific start dates for payments and adjustments, click here.

For the updated Commission Statement Reports fact sheet, click here.

The L&I Compensation Guide has also been updated.  Business owners can download the latest file on Dealer Center under Resources >> Compensation.

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