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DIRECTV Pre-Loaded is a new product that will change the way you sell bulk! For dealers, it minimizes truck rolls with remote activation and helps customers enjoy their DIRECTV as soon as they move in with an “instant on” experience. Plus, utilizing existing coax wiring and DIRECTV D2 Advantage will lower installation costs to property owners. With advantages for everyone, you’ll want to start selling it right away! So be sure to reach out to your Sales Manager to get a DIRECTV Pre-Loaded contract set up.

NEW! Marketing tactics now available
Tactics are now available to help you sell the features and benefits of DIRECTV Pre-loaded to property owners and residents. 

Get the training you need right now
Online training is now available to help you and your team get up-to-speed on Pre-Loaded and more effectively sell it! To log on, go to You’ll find the new course under “Building Your DIRECTV Business”.

Pre-Loaded sales support on Dealer Center
Click here to download a Sales Presentation, which you can use during your Sales Pitch meetings with owners. You also have access to the presentation anytime on Dealer Center under the “Products” tab.

Click here for a fact sheet on the DIRECTV Pre-Loaded Process.

Contact your Sales Manager or Specialist if you have any questions.
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