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CenturyLink - The First Bill: What Customers Can Expect June 3, 2014

When closing a sale it’s important to let the customer know what to expect on the first bill. 

Understanding Pro-rated Charges: 
The first bill is always higher as it includes one month of full service and charges from the date the installation was completed. The bill will also include any applicable taxes and fees.

  • A new product is installed on the 5th of the month
  • The first bill is mailed on the 1st of the next month
  • The first bill will include:
    • 25 pro-rated days for the partial month of service
    • One full month of charges
    • Any taxes and fees
If the customer is unaware of this, they may be worried and consider taking their business elsewhere. This can be avoided by covering the five items below with the customer.

To prepare a customer for the first bill:
  1. Quote the monthly cost for the product
  2. Quote the cost for additional fees applicable to the product and taxes
  3. Quote all installation fees
  4. Calculate and quote the pro-rated charges for the first bill
  5. Advise of the customer of any promotional credits and how they will appear on the bill 
Note: Not all markets will have promotional pro-rated credit.

How It Might Sound: 
“I know you will love your new CenturyLink services! Your first bill will have the monthly charges we discussed including taxes. The first bill is always higher because of the partial month’s charges as they apply from the date the service is installed. I’ll break it down for you, so you know what to expect.”

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