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CenturyLink Home Phone: Reliable When It Matters Most

CenturyLink Home Phone: Reliable When It Matters Most

With the popularity of wireless phones, some customers may consider removing land-line service.  Even in today’s tech-savvy society, home phones provide benefits that wireless phones cannot.

  • Unlike a cell phone with a dead battery, a corded home phone allows users to continue making calls during a power outage. That means, customers can maintain contact with loved ones and call for help when needed. 

  • When emergency services are called from a home phone, first responders can immediately identify the location of the call.  This may trim life-saving minutes off response times, especially if the caller is unable to speak or doesn’t know the address. 

  • Unlike wireless phones, which often have signal reception issues, CenturyLink phone service is clear and dependable. 

Remind customers that home phones are still considered more reliable than wireless phones.  Plus, with home phone as part of CenturyLink’s Price Guarantee, customers receive unlimited nationwide calling and Internet – at a guaranteed rate for 3 years!
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